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Monday, March 5, 2018

Pick 6| Fall 2017

Better late than never right? Winter is basically over (not that mother nature got word of it) and I'm ready for Spring to ... spring. But before we move on, let's dive into some of the items from Fall that left a good impression on me.

Hair| Cantu for kids leave in condition
Button's hair loves moisture, as most of our tresses do. I've decided to revisit a product that I hadn't used since my college years. Her hair of course love water but with this product, her curls P-O-P.

Fashion| Denim Tops
I spent Fall dressing what I considered to be comfy cute. Thanks to my denim tops, I've been able to easily throw together an outfit and still be comfortable as I transition from day to night. I love Ava & Viv's denim tunics and button downs as they are long, loose and easy to iron. I wear them with dress slacks, leggings or skinny jeans.

Beauty & Skin| Kemi Organics Oyl
I was introduced to Kemi Oyl via an event's swag bag few years back and honestly forgot about it. I rediscovered it right before the start of Fall and started incorporating it in my hair and body oil mix. This oil blend mixed with what I normally use leaves my hair soft before I even add a cream conditioner. Not to mention, the fragrance is wonderful.

Accessories| Hematite Ring
I've been researching energy crystals/stones, their properties and benefits for a while and this Fall, added a hematite ring to my arsenal. Hematite is a stone that has been known to convert negative vibes/energy into positive vibes as well has help calm people during stressful moments. 
I have relied on this ring almost as much as my worry stone during times of anxiety and keep it close by for meditation. It now isn't so much an accessories but a necessity.

Random| Sweet Potatoes
I know I'm not to the only one that associates sweet potato with Fall. In all actuality, I eat them year round but this Fall I cranked it up and enjoyed many meat free meals that consisted of a sweet potato mash, spinach and basmati rice. They played savory role in my meals seasoning them with salt, pepper and garlic.

Share with me! What have been your recent faves? 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

#OOTD | Our trip to Wakanda #BlackPantherMovie

Unless you have been living under a rock since the announcement in 2017, you know Marvel' s Black Panther is now I  theatres. I'm a big fan of Marvel and their content so of course I've been waiting for February 16th.

In celebration of the release and for the culture, decided to go through my arsenal of fabric and create some accessories. Oh the things you can create with a hot glue gun 😏.

I love a good chambray because it is easy to dress them up. I really this long one by Ava & Viv. And while I'm not a fan of tights or leggings but I like the comfort of these jeggings.

My DIY accessories included button earrings, collar and a mini  draw string bag because... why not?

What was the most recent movie you've seen in theatre? Was it Black Panther? 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Motivational Monday| Chapter 3

Baby girl Button is entering into year 3 of life. It has been such a journey since her birth: transitioning from ICN, to TCN, eye surgery, FINALLY being to come home and physical therapy.  She has overcome odds. 

I often look at old photos and reflect on times that now, seem so far away.

Button is an active 2yr old that can remember a time and song, knows most of her alphabets, colors, shapes and is full of so much energy... like seriously: she doesn't know the meaning of the word "walk" because she runs everywhere (lol!).

My mission is to help her continue to thrive but I would like to help other families that may experience the what we went through.

Along with our great personal support system, March of Dimes gave us a sense of stability considering the circumstances as they helped us gain access to information, financial assistance, supplies needs for Button and more. 

Want to help and/or join my team?

Friday, February 9, 2018

Dollar Tree Mini Haul

Hey hey! Wanted to come and share of my recent Dollar Tree purchases: 

Eucalyptus Candle| This cute candle is more fragrant that I anticipated. I was very pleased with the scent and the fact that it has a wooden wick as I have been drawn to these type of candles lately.

Hello Kitty tooth brushes (3 pack), Flossers| Button is at tooth brushing age but chews on the brush more than actually brushing. It helps that I found this 3 pack to keep more in stock. The flossers are for the adult in the house. Now, I know they aren't the ideal tool to use but they come in handy when traveling or immediately after dinner.

Face Scrubbers| There are some other brushes that I purchase from DT for cleansing but my sister actually alerted me that these silicone scrubbers were in store. I keep this in my travel bag to help with exfoliating and I like that it gives a soft exfoliation that massages the skin.

Palmer's Lip Balm| I have loves the smell of Palmer products for so long and figured "WHY NOT?" when I saw this item. I keep one just about everywhere for easy access.

Sesame Street Items| My mother started buying these books but I was never able to find them. Well, they've finally reached our neighborhood and I had to buy a couple for the babies in my life. There are a lot of different books that are categorized for different age groups. The teething rattle is BPA free and is a cute addition for a gift bag


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Farewell 2017| Memorable Moments

So, we're at the end of 2017. We can take this book, close it, wrap it in plastic wrap and put it under the bed behind that box of notes that we're holding onto from years ago but don't want to toss because we don't want anyone to have access to this information in them.

Aside from some of the more trivial and disappointing moments in 2017, I'd like to again share my most memorable moments of 2017: 

The Evolution of Baby Girl Button
Button is 2 and this was the year of her coming [somewhat] into her own. It has been interesting watching her learn, explore and observe. Along with that, watching her personality develop. 
Parenthood is not an easy hood to live in (I knew this well before the thought even crossed my mind to be one) but watching and helping a little human grow and being able to assist them in the process gives some assurance that it is working.

Reclaiming Confidence
In my 30s, I have become more and more socially awkward; not wanting to be around people or wanting to be around people but not knowing how to contribute to the atmosphere socially which makes me [again]  not want to be around people. I have been struggling with this and I'm not sure what happened but I believe it is due to lack of self confidence. 
Not sure the cause however, I have done a few things in attempts to help with this including taking baby steps to put myself back out there and it has helped to rebuild myself in a way.

Job Transition
After 10yrs in the same profession, I was given an opportunity move to another company. Even though I was getting to the point of "oh, I'm comfortable where I am", I put in my 2 weeks notice. I have been with the new company for 9 months and it is refreshing learn new skills, being given the ability to assist in development and 

What are some of your memorable moments from 2017 and what are you looking forward to in 2018?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pick 6| Summer 2017

So, I guess Fall is finally in full swing because honey... There is a chill in the air. Welp! With that being said, let's jump into my Summer favorites.

Hair & Skin| Water
I have made my routine simple over the years because my hair likes what it likes so, you'll see I have posted about water before but hey, we're made of water and we thrive from it so....yeah. I still spritz my hair with water before applying product to assist with moisture. Adding water before products helps with the softness of my hair. 

Fashion| Faux Locs
Beauty bounces back to hair. I took a chance twice on faux locs and... ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM! As much as I love locs, I'm scared of this permanent style but wanted to see how I'd look with them. So, this is a new style in my arsenal.

Beauty| Coconut Oil
I love coconut oil: cook with it, mix it in DIY body scrubs as well as hair and body pomades. Now, I've started using it for makeup removal. I don't wear a lot of makeup currently as I'm trying to take better care of my skin but I still fill in my browns and wear mascara. My mascara is hard to remove so applying coconut oil nourishes my skin and removes product easily.

Accessories| Fitbit Flex
My fitbit flex is an accessory I attempt to wear everyday (other than my ring). I keep it on to see if I can beat my personal best day-to-day/week-to-week. Even though it is an older model, I keep it fresh/new for me with difference bands

Random|Space Saver Bag
With the transition to cooler weather most people rotate their wardrobe... I haven't done this yet however, something that makes it easy it to switch out clothes in my closet is moving them into space saver bags and sliding them under our bed. I use these bags for clothes, linens and scarfs. Since I haven't rotated my wardrobe, I simply open the bags and pull out what is needed and put them back under the bed.

What were your Summer Faves?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Dollar Tree Mini Haul

Hello folks! Back to share some of my recent Dollar Tree finds...

Microfiber Towel| I like to keep these on hand in my car and in the little ones travel bag to help with messes. In my opinion, these feel nice as well as clean and dry easily. 

2.5 Gallon Freezer Bags| I use these large bags to sort and store away the little ones clothes season to season, pack away clothes and items that we give away. I also used these large bags for a DIY sensory mat a year ago (click >>>here<<< to view that project).

Storage Containers| I randomly have started buying these 2 at for store under our bathroom sinks, bedrooms and anywhere else that little hands may roam. There aren't as durable as I'd like (ie: clearly not from The Container Store) but they serve their purpose. 

Labels| These sticky office labels are cute and I use them on my desk for reminders. I prefer handwritten reminders over digital ones that can be setup through email or on mobile devices so I was super excited when I spotted these. 

Decorative Stickers| I have shared some of these before from a previous blog post and I have gotten in the habit of looking for different stickers when shop. I'm still working on our family photo album these will be a nice addition.

Bubbles| I have stocked up on bubbles for Button because like most kids, she gets a kick out of them and DT has some cute character themes bubble bottles. 

Candles| Now...It is a rare occurrence that I purchase candles from DT because quite frankly, majority of the scented candles stink to me unless they are cinnamon, peppermint or something along the lines of a basic scent. I saw these rose water candles and purchased two to burn when I'm having my "day at the spa" in our bathroom. Haven't burned them yet but the scent is soft and refreshing.

Bolero Beverly Hills Products| These are some older items however, I am just getting around to finishing some of them up. I saw people on YouTube buying the brand up at their local Dollar Tree and most of them raved about how well the products work. One thing I like about the products is the packaging. It's cute!

Argan & Shea Butter Body Cream
& Face Wipes
Coconut Milk & Honey Fizzer

Lemon Verbena & Mint Body Oil & Body Cream 

The products weren't anything to rave about in my opinion. The body oil has mineral oil in it soooooo... you could make it yourself and make it with more natural and nourishing oils.Same goes for the body creams; they served their purpose somewhat however, aren't that moisturizing for troublesome skin. I used the face wipes to remove my mascara and as a quick face refresher after a workout.

What are some items you have purchased from Dollar Tree?